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Every morning after dressing and shaving, Walter went outside to pick up the newspaper lying in his driveway. That rolled-up morning’s reading was his connection to the bigger world. He thirsted for knowledge about everything that happened everywhere. He made a big pot of coffee and read the paper page by page at the kitchen table.

Walter was the newspaper editor’s dream reader. He was also my father. Because he always talked about stories in the news with his family, my interest in the world’s happenings grew.

As a child, I wrote stories about my dog. In high school, I wrote for the school’s page in our hometown newspaper. In college, I was a reporter and finally the editor of the college newspaper. When I left home as an adult, it was to be a reporter and editor at a newspaper.

Today I don’t work for newspapers any more, but I still consider myself a reporter, covering the events in my life and putting them here. In alphabetical order in my blog, readers can find musings about  asthma, gardening, life with dogs and writing. Search for the category you want. Some categories are more robust than others. This is a blog in progress.

I call this blog “Today’s News” because the name seemed appropriate to my own reflections, and hey, it’s my blog. While you are there, check out my books, Katy’s FAQ (Katy is a certified therapy dog), and any other links you are interested in. And if you are thinking about emailing Katy, you should know that she does answer her email.

Walter’s no longer here, but newspapers still appear in the driveway daily. I like to think he’s reading Today’s News at a big kitchen table somewhere. He’d be particularly interested in Life with Dogs and Gardening. 


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