Sweet dreams are made of paisley

Sometimes a dog gets excited by the simplest of things.

Katy’s new bed came this week via the big brown truck that makes dogs belligerent. She didn’t know the truck was bringing things for her.

The bed was ready for use as soon as it came out of the box. The former dog of the street placed one foot on it, then another. Then searched for reassurance.

Yes, Katy’s, came the answer.

She circled two times before gracefully lowering herself, front paws hanging off the edge so as to scramble quickly to accompany me on an errand outdoors. The new bed hung around for her return, with no other dog to gnaw, tackle or tug it around the room. (That part of Sam we do not miss.)

Two clues reveal that Katy readily welcomes this orthopedic friend:

1. Toys that she normally unstuffs on the rug are now carried here for ritualistic emptying: the blessing of the bed.

2. This morning in the wee hours, she abandoned her upside-down, legs-in-air shuteye in the chair for the cushy-chic bed.

Who am I to disagree?


The new bed came!


  1. Carolyn said:

    We all need our space, even if you still like to snuggle.

    September 18, 2015
    • She has plenty of space now, and the bonus is, she and her space are color-coordinated and very cute.

      September 18, 2015
  2. gwyn said:

    very sweet and oh so lovely…and it does look comfortable.

    September 21, 2015
    • G, I will have to take Katy at her word for the comfy part. Trying it out would require the fetal position and I have not done that yet. But yes, lovely. The artist in the family chose the design and did a very good job.

      September 21, 2015

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