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The headline above ends in a question mark because it’s a thought that occurs to me often when I think about dividing lines among people, especially when I visit Facebook…

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Here is a photo of my cousin’s rusted loppers. Mystery solved. (See post below.)    

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The day my 28-inch bypass loppers broke revealed to me that I was the nut that others perhaps already recognized but were too polite to mention. The unfortunate lopper incident…

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Life in general

Gardening Life in general

Sam hated to have his feet touched, so they got touched a lot. Just one index finger poking one footpad out of all those footpads…and the foot would jerk away.…

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Writing and publishing

The death of a friend pushes life’s minutia into the background. The death of a friend sends you on a pursuit to make sure every other mutual friend knows about…

Writing and publishing

Our school district just hosted its annual lunch for public school mentors and for those who think they want to be mentors. As a seasoned veteran with one year (!) of…

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